A collection good links, news articles and other views on the world of Real Betis and Spanish football all written in English. The latest links are at the top. It’s quite difficult to find in-depth Betis news in English (hence this site) so I’ve also got together a list of the best Spanish sources that I use on a regular basis to get my Betis intake.

Any suggestions for the list, please kindly point them my way.

Real Betis Noticias en Español

Real Betis & Spanish Football News in English

My Favourite Spanish Football Articles 

A few of my more favourite links that I’ve come across in a bit more detail. Some of the articles may be a little old but I will be refreshing as often as I can. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to have a read.

  • Denilson – the lost talent of a legend

A long read over on These Football Times, where I take an in-depth look at the Betis legend that is Denilson from his beginnings in Sao Paulo, world record move to Betis, that Nike advert and subsequent career free-fall. The article is around 2,000 words, so grab yourself a drink and have a read.

These Football Times – Denilson and the mercurial talent of a lost legend.

A piece I wrote for manquepierda.com on my journey to becoming a Real Betis fan. The article is split into two parts – part one is in the link in the title and you can read part two here – bético de Manchester.

  • The Big Interview Podcast Series by Graham Hunter

The fantastic Spanish football journalist Graham Hunter started his ‘Big Interview’ series  with what I like to call ‘proper football people’ in 2015. Unlike an interview, these podcasts are informal chats with former pros delving into the intricacies of their careers, their lives and thoughts and feelings.

He’s recorded with the likes of Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Harry Redknapp, Gaizka Mendieta, Gianluca Vialli, Paul Clement, Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher, Gary Mac, Peter Beardsley, David Moyes and quite a few more too!

I’ve not been disappointed by a single one.

He has recently sat down and had a chat with Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon. It two parts they chat about when Calderon started to support the club, his heroes and how he has grown to influence the club. Enlightening, insightful and fantastic this one.

You can listen to the Ramon Calderon Podcast here – enjoy.

  • Joaquin and the Soul of Real Betis – These Football Times

Spanish football specialist Colin Millar wrote this brilliant piece for TFT on Joaquin and the Soul of Real Betis.

Really enjoyable read and the nail is hit squarely on the head. A good sense of Beticismo here! Colin makes a great follow on Twitter with his insightful knowledge – @Miller_Colin. He also has a hand, I believe, in a great new account called @FutbolAlAndaluz – couldn’t have thought of a better name myself! This account tweets about all the teams in Andalucia, from Betis and Sevilla to Cordoba and Cadiz. Definitely worth a follow.

  • Interview about the up-coming 2014/15 season

I was interviewed by The Curva España to give my thoughts on the up-and-coming La Liga season for Betis, a few of the players and the pre-season.


  • Rafael Van der Vaart – Born into the wrong generation?

An article by Nick Ames in the sports blog section of The Guardian website. Discussing mainly Rafael Van der Vaart’s career thus far and paints Betis in a positive light which is always good. Rafael Van der Vaart: a shirt-out kind of player born into the wrong generation.

April 2015

Super mini-review of Pepe Mel’s time in charge of Betis by www.football-espana.net. This is a guest post by Colin Millar – nice read. http://www.football-espana.net/50032/betis-going-book.

September 2013

Here’s a good look at the 3 grounds that Betis will be visiting during the group stages of the Europa League. It is on Beticismo.net and by Adrián Bedia. 

August 2013

Here is part 2 of 5 of DelBlogsque’s season preview which features Betis. Have a read see what you think – DelBlogsque.com season preview 

This is James Burn’s comprehensive view of all 20 La Liga teams of 2013/14. The Betis section is short and sweet but it is a good reflection and well worth a read as well to see the competition that Betis face.

July 2013

There hasn’t been much news in the English-media this week about Betis so here is a Spanish piece by José Andrés Carrasco Conde. He writes about the fight between new signings Stephan Anderson and Guille Sara to be first goalkeeper this season (after Betis have sold all three of last seasons goalkeepers). The two new boys have both impressed me so far so it is a tough choice. You can read the piece here – Anderson-Sara: La lucha por la portería bética

June 2013

This piece from Gary Linton (Alba España) is from earlier this year and it is a great piece – The History of the Derbi Sevillano 

A piece from Bleacher Report – Comprehensive Joel Campbell Real Betis loan report

An article from La Liga UK – Will Pepe Mel inevitably get the sack at Real Betis this season?