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Victor Sacked, Alexis Trujillo In – The End of Another Project

Victor Sanchez del Amo has been sacked as head coach, putting us out of our misery for the time-being, and brings to an end yet another ‘project’ at Real Betis.

Everything came to a head on Monday evening when Betis travelled to that mighty, high-flying club in la liga…Leganés. We were 2-0 down after 15 minutes and I swiftly turned off the game and switched over just in time to watch Grand Designs on More 4. I couldn’t bear to waste another 90 minutes of my evening on this drivel. I think that feeling generally sums up the season for most béticos.

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Betis Club of Valladolid – the Betis you’ve never heard of

The book ‘Románticos Sportmans’ by José Miguel Ortega claims that it was “the Canterac estate where the Scots played in the 19th century. They were the first football matches in Valladolid and, most likely, Spain.” But just what came of this club?

In the midst of the city of Valladolid, the de facto capital of Castile and Léon and once residence of the kings of Castile, around 20 minutes from the Campo Grande train station and behind a school named after Pablo Picasso, you’ll find a stadium called the Finca de Canterac. With the ability to host  2,000 spectators, it is the home ground of team called Betis.

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The Video Referee Debate

Like all sports, football finds itself in conflict between tradition and modernisation. On one side, clubs and supporters don’t want technology to encroach on the beautiful game and on the other side no one wants a repeat of some of the disallowed goals we have seen over the years,  such Lampard’s ‘goal’ in the WC against Germany and Roy Carroll’s blunder against Spurs – you can see some of the best disallowed goals here on Kick TV.

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Kicked up the arse by Granada ahead of Seville Derby

Just before the game last Friday I tweeted about how it would be the first of three consecutive Andalucian derbies for Betis and how I spelled a hat-trick.

Of course I meant a hat-trick of victories; starting with Granada, finishing with Málaga and stuffed in the middle with Seville. I did not in my wildest Betis imagination, even taking into account that Betis can be highly erratic and difficult to predict, envisage being 3-0 down to the leagues second worst offensive outfit!

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Green & White Celtic Hoops For Día de Andalucía

Betis are to wear a specially commissioned green and white hooped shirt for the game against Málaga on 28th February to celebrate Andalucía Day, and also in a nod to their Celtic-based origins.

Los Verdiblancos will travel east to, quite fittingly, take on their Andalucian rivals in a game that will not only be remembered for the 5-0 thumping I’m envisioning we give to los boquerones. The game against Málaga will mark the end of a triple header for Betis against Andalucian opposition after taking on Granada and Sevilla in the two games before.

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